Chapter 387 Sundays in Spring, as Recalled by Laura Ingalls Wilder

A busy spring weekend here. Finally, the grass is green, flowers are in bloom, and the fresh breezes of a new season are upon us. Here’s how Laura Ingalls Wilder recalled spring from her childhood:

“The white daisies with their hearts of gold grew thickly along the path where we walked to Sunday school. Father and sister and I used to walk the two and a half miles every Sunday morning. The horses had worked hard and must rest this one day, and Mother would rather stay at home with baby brother, so with Father and sister Mary I walked to the church through the beauties of sunny spring Sundays. I have forgotten what I was taught on those days also. I was only a little girl, you know. But I can still plainly see the grass and the trees and the path winding ahead, flecked with sunshine and shadow and the beautiful golden-hearted daisies scattered all along the way.”

See you in the sunshine!

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