Chapter 378 Can You Answer a Question for Me?

It’s been a busy weekend filled with everything from magicians to parties to sports games. I want to tell you all about my visit to Electronic Arts last Friday to learn about their new game, Dante’s Inferno, and tell you how it compares to the book. That’s going to have to wait one more day, however, as I just don’t have the time to write a decent post at the moment.

In the meantime, perhaps one of you dear readers can help me answer a question from Bill, a regular reader of this blog. He asks,

“Do you know of any book blogs from the collector’s point of view, rather than the bookseller’s? It seems most of the blogs I have found are from those in the business.”

I can’t think of any blogs by book collectors right off the top of my head, but I am sure some must exist. I’d be interested to read them, too, because I think a collector’s voice provides a needed perspective for us booksellers. If you know of any, please leave a comment below with a link. Thanks!

More on last Friday’s field trip tomorrow.

See you in the stacks!


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5 responses to “Chapter 378 Can You Answer a Question for Me?

  1. I’m a book collector, Admittedly, I don’t talk a whole lot about my own collection.

  2. Jan

    is my favorite blog by a book collector

  3. Jill

    From the searches I have done, there are very few purely “book collecting” blogs. The two that I have visited before are:

  4. Larry

    just go to google and type in book collector blog. looks like there are quite a few

  5. Thanks so much to all who left suggestions. And thanks to Exile Bibliophile. I am a regular reader of his blog and it should have immediately occurred to me that he is a book collector and heads up BOOK (Bibliophiles of Oklahoma). Sorry about that, Exile! Check out his blog. It’s always a fun read.

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