Chapter 375 The Leprechaun’s Visit

A leprechaun visited our house on St. Patrick’s Day.

Tom and Huck like to build leprechaun traps to try and catch the leprechaun:
That pot of gold is really a trap door.

The boys theorize that the leprechaun, a greedy little trickster, will try to go for the pot of gold. He might also be attracted to the potatoes the boys used as bait. And when the leprechaun makes his move, he’ll stumble through the trap door and fall into the box below, where Tom and Huck can trap him and have a little visit:

So far they’ve been unsuccessful. No leprechauns trapped here. They are sneaky little guys.

But the leprechaun has visited here. Here’s what he left behind:

Gold coins, shamrock confetti, candy shamrocks, and chocolate leprechauns. Delicious!

And he also left a note with a picture of an Irish angel and a little Saint Patrick’s Day verse. Every year, he leaves behind his green footprints, too — all over the house and the leprechaun trap:

Hope you had fun!

See you at the end of the rainbow!


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3 responses to “Chapter 375 The Leprechaun’s Visit

  1. Laurel

    Wow! The leprechauns have a great visit at your house. I am also a mom and love to set up the leprechaun visit each year. I was never very excited about St. Patrick’s Day until I found some ideas from Steve Spangler Our leprechauns are very similar, although I wish I could find the cute shamrock candies you have. The leprechauns leave pistachio pudding mix (leprechaun stew – it turns green when you add milk), slimy footprints and turn the water green. (see the link for directions on how to do this)

  2. Thanks for the Steve Spangler link, Laurel. Great ideas. The shamrock candies and the leprechaun candies are from See’s Candy, which is our local go-to place for special treats on holidays. Their chocolate is my favorite.

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