Chapter 365 He’s Not just a Character in a Video Game — Now There are Dante Shoes


From the website, Dante Today, which tracks references to Dante in contemporary culture, comes the this post.


I wonder what outfit I have that I could wear with these shoes?


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5 responses to “Chapter 365 He’s Not just a Character in a Video Game — Now There are Dante Shoes

  1. Jill

    Hi Chris,

    Did you see the other shoes on the website? They have hundreds of different designs, including BOOK SHOES! I want them all! Here is one of the book designs:

    Very creative people out there!


  2. Thanks, Jill. Will do a post on these later. They’re great and a bit more tasteful than the Dante shoes, lol!

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  4. Mark S.

    Enjoyed the Dante Today site, thanks! Have you heard about the upcoming (Mar 24) Dante’s Numbers book by David Hewson? He is signing the book at Murder By The Book in Houston on April 13th. You can read a bit about the author & the book on their signing webpage , just scroll down to April 13th.

    Thought this might interest you! Do you buy/read all types of books about Dante?

  5. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had not heard of Dante’s Numbers, but after reading about it think it sounds like a very fun read. I don’t buy all types of books about Dante. The ones I buy are usually illustrated or unusual in some way — for example, I have a book that took the structure of Dante’s Inferno and applied it to teaching high school and another book that tells the story of Inferno for children (not what I would think of as fun reading for the nursery school set). Will be happy to send you a catalogue when it is finally finished. I am supposed to see a draft from the graphic designer on Monday!

    Thanks for reading the blog and for the book recommendation.


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