Chapter 363 More on The Next “Illustrated Edition” of Dante Will Be a Video Game

While I don’t plan to continue posting about video games ad nauseam, I want to post a trailer — a preview — advertising the forthcoming “Dante’s Inferno” video game. I’m posting it here, and, after watching it, I’m not sure that the game will be at all like the book, but I’ll find out more about that when I visit Electronic Arts and can ask a few questions. In the game, Dante appears to be a physcially strong, courageous warrior; in the book he is an average man, “midway through life”, a bit fearful and uncertain perhaps, and, over the course of Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise becomes a sort of spiritual warrior as he begins to make the connection that choices made in life, right or wrong, have lasting (eternal, shall we say?) šŸ˜‰ consequences. Warning: Scary content — monsters, explosions, dead folks being tormented in Hell — presented in animated format, but in a way that you will faintly recognize if you’ve read Dante’s Inferno.


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4 responses to “Chapter 363 More on The Next “Illustrated Edition” of Dante Will Be a Video Game

  1. Mark

    Bless you for brightening my day by spelling “ad nauseam” correctly!

  2. And bless you for recognizing that I spelled it correctly. My high school English teacher was horrified that our school had eliminated its Latin curicculum and required our class to learn 20 words in Latin each week. He felt that a little bit of exposure to the language was better than none, and that we would, in our reading come across Latin phrases from time to time. I am so glad he required us to learn a little bit of vocabulary.

  3. And I just mis-spelled “curicculum” above! Meh!

    It should read “curriculum.”

    Sometimes my hands type faster than I can think. I miss the days of pen and paper, which required thought and writing to be in sync with one another.

  4. Mark

    Thank you for your quick answer. Yes, “ad nauseAm” is a Latin phrase that comes up often, but 99% of the time, it seems to come up as “ad nauseUm,” which is why your accurate post was fun to read.

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