Chapter 360 A Job That Might Be More Interesting Than An Antiquarian Bookseller

Tom and Huck had the week off of school last week, so we ventured down to Southern California to visit relatives and to see some sights.

My youngest brother is a project manager for a commercial construction firm. His job involves engineering and high-level math skills. It is nothing like my job, which is all about words and ideas, and, thankfully, is not about too much math.

I have no idea how we were raised in the same family, but we were. You might remember a project which I mentioned some time ago. He’s moved on since then. The current project my little brother is managing is a new animal enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. In order to meet new standards for elephant care, the zoo is building an eight acre enclosure for the elephants and a few other animals. When we visited the zoo, my brother gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of his project. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

My brother’s giant work boot on the left and my little red bookseller shoes on the right. We could not be more opposite with regard to our choice of footwear. This is probably a good thing.

Along with the elephant keeper, he led us down to the area where our behind-the-scenes tour would take place. My brother is the tall, skinny guy.

Though he now lives in Southern California, my little brother will always be a Bay Area boy. He let Tom wear his special hard hat while we toured the job site:

Here’s the sign advertising the summer opening of the new area. It’s called “Elephant Odyssey”.

And here’s the sign where Tom and Huck started to get really excited:

Pouring cement into forms shaped like big rocks and boulders. This is a more difficult process than you might imagine.

Tom and Huck loved the tractors and big equipment.

Their uncle explains how to build an 8-acre elephant enclosure along with elephant barn, restrooms, snack area, and landscape.

A future water pool, with the cement that looks like stone.

A visit to the current elephant enclosure yielded some interesting finds, like an elephant tooth:

And what behind-the-scenes tour would be complete without a chance to feed the elephants? Yes, that’s me feeding the elephant and touching her trunk. And, yes, my little brother made fun of me for wearing a sweater and a scarf in sunny San Diego. 😉

We had a great visit and we’re looking forward to visiting again when he and his team complete this project:

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