Chapter 353 Getting Ready for the San Francisco International Antiquarian Book Fair

It’s going to be extremely busy here for the next several days. The San Francisco International Antiquarian Book Fair starts Friday, but the preparations have already begun. Wednesday, I’ll be going over to Mr. Z’s shop to help him pack up books to take to the fair and to attend another bookseller’s party. On Thursday, I’m meeting with a graphic/desktop publishing expert to figure out how to finish the Dante catalogue. Then I’m having dinner with my friend Jeanne from The Book Prowler. Friday is the opening day of the fair, where I’ll work for Mr. Z and then go out to dinner with him and a few other booksellers. Saturday and Sunday are also busy fair days.

You’ve probably already guessed what I am going to tell you. Since I have no iPhone and no laptop (only my desktop computer), I’ll be taking a blogging break until late Sunday. Sorry for the break, but I promise a full report on the fair and all of its related events when I get back. Thoughtful Husband and my mom will be holding down the fort here at home. (Thanks guys!)

I love the feeling before a book fair, the feeling of not knowing whether it will be a success or not, the fun of seeing other booksellers I know, the nervous/fun feeling I have when I meet a bookseller I haven’t met before. I love wondering whether I will find any treasures to buy. Lots of excited anticipation.

The last time I worked at this book fair was two years ago. You can read my report on that experience here. I wonder if I’ll see the same kind gentleman from Bernard Quaritch, the one I told all about my Dante catalogue — two years ago! I hope he will remember me but that he won’t remember the Dante catalogue. I will be quite mortified to have say it is still unfinished. This is part of the fun of going to a book fair. So much potential.

See you at the book fair!

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