Chapter 349 Busy in a Good Way

Today and tomorrow are going to be quite busy. I have a couple of orders to pack and ship, have promised to read a draft of a colleague’s catalogue introduction, and need to collate and catalogue several items for another colleague.

The combination of talking with bookseller friends, cataloguing, and proofreading mean that I’m having fun in all facets of my job. And I am definitely looking forward to working for my mentor, Mr. Z at next week’s San Francisco International Antiquarian Book Fair. I can’t have my own booth at this particular fair because the booths are open only to ABAA members, and I am not one (yet). I can, though, help Mr. Z during the hours the fair is open to the public, so I plan to man the booth while he shops. Stop by and introduce yourself if you’re at the fair.

So, I apologize for the short post, but when business calls, I answer! (At least I try to, lol.)

In the meantime, here’s an interesting new blog by a bookseller. Enjoy!

See you in the stacks!

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