Chapter 348 Plane Crashes . . . A Tough Way to Get Your Overdue Fees Waived

The Associated Press today reported that US Airway pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is a responsible library patron. The pilot of the plane that had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York had borrowed a book about professional ethics from California State University, Fresno through his local library in Danville, California.

The book was stowed with Sullenberger’s other belongings in the cargo hold of the plane, and was, presumably, damaged or lost when the plane was slowly inundated with water. Sullenberger did what any respectful library patron would do and contacted the library. requesting an extension and a waiver of overdue fees. Given the fact that he has been pretty busy being feted by the City of New York, at the Presidential Inauguration, the Superbowl, and in his hometown of Danville (not far from where I live), Fresno State librarians were touched by his sense of responsibility. They waived all fees, including lost book fees, and are placing a bookplate in the replacement book, dedicating it to Captain Sullenberger.

While I, like many others, run up the occasional overdue fees at the library, I think I’d rather pay the fee than be in a plane that has crash landed and looked (for a while at least) like it would sink.

Read the complete story here.


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2 responses to “Chapter 348 Plane Crashes . . . A Tough Way to Get Your Overdue Fees Waived

  1. Jill

    Hi Chris,

    That doesn’t surprise me at all about Captain Sullenberger. I was able to attend the event in Danville honoring his amazing skills in landing that plane on the Hudson and saving the lives of so many. He and his wife were so humble and appeared awed by the large turnout, and somewhat embarrassed by all of the attention. I was very impressed with him as a person. He deserves all of our gratitude for his achievement that day.


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