Chapter 325 ‘Tis the Season for a Short Break


Well, hello there. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had an exceptionally busy and fun-filled weekend, an unlikely combination of basketball tournaments, library sales, holiday parties and birthday parties. I am paying for it today, trying to play catch-up around the house. The busy-ness level looks like it will be topped by scheduled events this week, and Tom and Huck get out of school for Christmas vacation on Friday, which means they and not the books will get what would normally be my “free” (read: work) time.

There are a few bookish topics about which I’d like to post, but I know I can’t give them the time and attention they deserve right now. If I don’t give these topics my full attention, what I’ve written will not be worth reading. As a result, I’ve decided that from now until New Year’s posting will be light. I do hope you understand. I love to write, and am, in fact, unhappy when I don’t write. However, I am even more unhappy when my writing competes for my attention with people I love and events I must attend. I’ll try to post again in the next day or so and will resume daily posts after the holiday. Hope you’ll keep reading and checking in as you can.

I do hope all of you on the East Coast are thawing out and beginning to get your power back. I was so sorry to hear what a dreadful and widespread ice storm you had. Chin up!


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