Chapter 322 2009 Book Fair Schedule

Too busy for blogging today, but Book Hunter Press (not affiliated with my business, Book Hunter’s Holiday, has just posted dates of 2009 book fairs throughout the United States.


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3 responses to “Chapter 322 2009 Book Fair Schedule

  1. So are you going to be exhibiting at Sacramento and San Francisco? No that I will ever get to those fasirs, but I’m curious. I would think you have lots of experience, and have made many new contacts. So next year when you do go, you will be an old hand at all that.

  2. I will likely be exhibiting at the Gold Rush Book Fair, the Central Valley (Sacramento) Fair, the Santa Monica Fair, and, I hope, the Seattle Fair. Since 2009 is an ABAA year in San Francisco, I cannot exhibit at that fair. I can do San Francisco again in 2010, when the ABAA fair is in Los Angeles. I am not yet eligible for ABAA membership. In the meantime, I will be working for Tavistock Books of Alameda, CA during the ABAA Fair.

  3. alameda – I will never forget the question about alameda. It is a classic.

    where are the noo-clee-are wessels?
    I dont know, somewhere in alameda I think.

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