Chapter 319 Gifts for the Bookish

The holidays are fast approaching, and perhaps you are wondering what gift is appropriate for the bibliophile in your life. Although my enthusiasm for books is known far and wide, my family is always somewhat reticent to buy me books. They worry when they select a book for me that it’s a book I already have or it’s book I won’t like. I’m assuming I am not the only bookish type to encounter such a situation. This year I’m suggesting a few bookish gifts for bibliophiles that do not force the buyer to second-guess a bibliophile friend or relative’s particular literary taste. You can click on the links to find out pricing and shipping information for each item. (Hint, hint, Thoughtful Husband.) 😉

Banned Books Bracelet


She is too fond of books ornament

Chandler’s Writing Chest

Antique Book Stickers

Customizable gifts of all kinds from ornaments to shirts to hats to aprons at Joyce Godsey’s SicPress store at

Book Purse from Rebound Designs

Book Lover’s Chocolate

Chocolate type h/t to Ian at Lux Mentis for the idea.

In the Library Perfume

A few other items which come to mind are bookends, bookmarks, and Shakespearean Insult Gum.

Happy Hunting!


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3 responses to “Chapter 319 Gifts for the Bookish

  1. I really like the BOOKOPOLY Game.

    The chocolate type looks yummy as well.

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