Chapter 314 The Book Hunter’s Holiday Bookmobile

Thanksgiving weekend has ended and we’ve just returned from five days at Thoughtful Husband’s sister’s house. I feel re-energized; a good meal is so restorative and being with family is a good reminder of all for which I am thankful.

During the five-hour drive to my sister-in-law’s home, Huck sat in the back seat and drew pictures for each of the members of our family. Wait! Don’t stop reading. I know you’re thinking I’m about to do another bragging mother post, but I promise that this is book related. And I know that at least a couple of you dear readers love to see pictures of bookmobiles. Well, look no further.

Look what Huck drew for me:

Alas, this pretty bookmobile (note the Book Hunter’s Holiday sign at the top) is, like my long dreamed-of brick and mortar shop, only a figment of fancy at this time. But it is a good reminder to me to keep my dreams alive. Thanks, Huck!

See you in the stacks!

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