Chapter 309 Bookish Magazines

Some of my readers are as dismayed as I am about the news of Fine Books and Collections magazine changing from a print to an online publication. Courtesy of their comments and emails, I’ve compiled a list of print and online book periodicals for you. Thanks to all who sent magazine titles. I had heard of many of them, subscribe to a few myself, and learned of some new titles as well. If, dear reader, you can recommend any other print or online periodicals about the used and rare book trade, please send me an email or leave a comment below. Click on any of the titles below to be taken to their corresponding websites.

Rare Book Review
(Rare Book Review is also available as an online subscription)
Book Source Magazine
Book and Magazine Collector
Book Dealer Magazine

Fine Books and Collections
Americana Exchange
The IOBA Standard

See you in the stacks!


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4 responses to “Chapter 309 Bookish Magazines

  1. Jill

    Wow, that’s a really short and sad list of the remaining print magazines. I am surprised the Book Source Magazine is still around, since I rarely see it in book stores and it is mostly advertisements. Since Rare Book Review is from England, the copies in the U.S. are very expensive so I don’t buy that one very often. How depressing.

    I was wondering why FB&C hasn’t confirmed their print demise yet – I just received a new blog entry today, with no reference to it and with the usual advertisement for a hard copy subscription. Seems a bit odd.

  2. cw

    I don’t think they are changing to a digital format for the magazine. I went to their Web site and it appears they are adding a digital e-letter, free to subscribers. Sounds like an additional publication in digital form, not a replacement of their current publication. Did I misinterpret? See what you think:

  3. I hope you are right, but according to their website on December 1, 2008, they are printing the magazine once a year and expanding their online coverage with the e-newsletter. I just put a post on my blog this afternoon with the exact statement from their website.

  4. cw

    Wishful misinterpretation on my part. I missed the announcement when I linked to the E-Letter page, where there was nothing about reduced printing. The E-Letter sounded like a perk for print subscribers. Alas, this is not entirely the case and you are correct. But at least they will not go, altogether, the way of predecessor Biblio Magazine. I lament the demise of the monthly print issue, but look forward to November 2009. At least there’s that.

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