Chapter 308 Stunning News and Small Consolations, Or, The Day the Print Died

I read some stunning news over at Lux Mentis today. Go on. Click on the link and read it.

One of the best magazines about books and book collecting, Fine Books and Collections, will no longer issue magazines in print. New issues will be available online only. I hope I needn’t point out the twisted irony of a magazine about print items (books) going out of print and online only.

I credit this great magazine, along with Firsts, for helping me to continue my education in antiquarian books. I hate the idea of reading a magazine about book collecting in an electronic format. Uggh!

I usually wait eagerly for Fine Books and Collections and the other book magazines to arrive each month. Fine Books’ own website calls the magazine “a joyful treat for any book afficionado” and that’s certainly what it is for me. When it arrives, I make some time in my schedule to read it cover to cover and I sit down with a cup of tea and a scone or some cookies and read it at my leisure. It is a perk of the job of bookseller to which I look forward every month. The thought of reading it onscreen or (egads!) on my Kindle is anathema to me. I don’t mind getting my news online, but I like to get useful data (like book information to which I might again refer for future research) in print. I also love to look at the beautiful pictures in the magazine again and again.

At least I’ll still have Firsts and Rare Book Review to peruse. But I will really miss the print version of Fine Books and Collections.

R.I.P. print magazine.

Small consolation (at least for me):

Last night I went into Tom and Huck’s room long after they had gone to bed. I found Huck sound asleep with his light still on, face down in a Dr. Seuss book. He had been reading! On his own without me telling him to read! Granted, reading seemed to have put him to sleep, but, if you’ve followed my not-too-interested-in-reading sons at all, you know it’s progress!



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4 responses to “Chapter 308 Stunning News and Small Consolations, Or, The Day the Print Died

    I am still waiting for my November/Dec issue of Fine books. Will I get that issue?
    Nothing about closing down on the Fine Books Blog. I am so disappointed.
    Why is it that everything I am interested in and subscribe to, disappears after a while. This is the third subscription I have had (in the last 5 years) that has gone out of business or [in this case] drastically changed its format. This Fine Books magazine, a history website and a genealogy website. All areas I am very interested in.

  2. Jill

    This is really sad news. I am a subscriber to FB&C and it’s a beautiful magazine. I agree with you Chris, about the irony. I recently re-subscribed, and wonder if I could get my money back since I’m certainly not excited about reading it online. I still have back issues of Biblio and Firsts, and I treasure them as wonderful resources for bibliophiles. I guess Firsts is just about the only one left, although it doesn’t have quite the style that FB&C does. What a shame.

  3. There are a few other book collecting magazines out there, but I liked FB&C the best. I’m going to try to compile a list of other book-related magazines and post it here.

  4. And true to form, the day after I complain about it, my copy of the latest Fine Books shows up in the mail.

    I am sad that this will be the last hard copy I will get.

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