Chapter 306 Books on a Shelf

Below you’ll see a photo of my favorite bookshelf. This shelf is part of a larger bookcase in my living room. The books on the top are the esteemed Encyclopedia Brittanica, Eleventh Edition (Handy Volume size), purchased about a year ago at my favorite library sale for $50. The books on the bottom are a series of classics — Tennyson, Dickens, Hawthorne, Browning, Longfellow, etc. — that were published in the 1930s by Walter J. Black (New York). They are handsome books, but they were not expensive, even when they were published. Bound in faux leather and suede, their decorative spines have great shelf presence despite their inexpensive price tag. The thing that makes these books valuable to me is that they belonged to my late Nana, one of several people who greatly influenced my bookish sensibilities.


Happy Monday and see you in the stacks!

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