Chapter 304 With a Little Help from My Friends

Two of my oldest and closest friends turned __0 this month. We met at the start of freshman year of high school and have been inseparable ever since. To celebrate, we held a lunch at my house with a few other old classmates. Somehow, about a dozen of us still live in the Bay Area, and we try to get together once a month to catch up with each other and listen to music from the 1980s. 😉 These girls are true friends. They knew me when, as a high school freshman, I had “feathered” hair and loved Heavy Metal. They continued to socialize with me when, as a sophomore, I converted to New Wave music and cut my hair short. Remember that ridiculous “cyclops” haircut I told you about many posts ago? They were still my friends. Good hair years and bad, we’ve stayed friends no matter what.

Entertaining makes me nervous, but when you are entertaining eight friends you’ve known since high school, it’s not so bad. The good part about hosting a lunch at my house is that it forced me to clean up my “office”.

My dining room, which on any given work day usually looks like this:



My dining room after “cleaning up” book acquisitions that have been stockpiled since early September and filing the paperwork:

I also call this photo, “My Dining Room and What it Would Look Like if No Little Boys Lived Here and I had a Home Office”. 🙂

The centerpiece, of which I am including a picture so that when I decorate for Thanksgiving next year, I can refer to this post and remind myself how I arranged the centerpiece, which is mostly leaves, corn, squash and pumpkins:

Having a party with my friends is easy, because each person is so grateful that she is not the host, she brings some of the food or drink. I also do this when I go to parties at their houses.

My friend Jen brought these excellent cupcakes to celebrate the birthday girls:

I’d show you my friends, but I don’t want to post their pictures on my blog without their permission. On the off chance any of you are reading this, girls, thanks for coming today and thanks for the help with the meal. Thank you for making me overcome my agoraphobic tendencies by hosting the party. And thanks especially for giving me a good reason to clean up the office/dining room.

See you at someone else’s house next month! I’ll bring the cupcakes.

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