Chapter 297 In Which I Make a Mistake, Or, Chapter 294

I just realized that I never wrote a post titled Chapter 294. Look at my sidebar. The post titles jump right from Chapter 293 to Chapter 295. I never was very good at counting.

I also know that many of my blog posts contain typos or (shudder) grammatical errors. The grammatical errors are doubly shameful, because I was once an English teacher.

Please bear with me when I make mistakes. I know they can be distracting, and I try not to make them. That said, my blog is an activity I do in my extra (ha!) time. I sit down and write in a rather stream-of-consciousness style, sometimes while preparing meals and many times with children underfoot or shouting things like, “Mom! Why is the bathtub overflowing?” I rarely edit what I write, and when I do edit, the post receives a cursory glance at most.

Think of it this way: every time you see an error on this blog, a child is being helped with homework (or some other crisis), a family meal is being put on the table, or it’s very late and I am just plain tired and that causes me to make mistakes I wouldn’t make if not distracted.

So, my apologies for foolish errors. Under the circumstances, I do my best to avoid them.

See you in the stacks!

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