Chapter 296 Halloween Hangover

We’re still recovering from too much ingestion of sugar over the weekend and can’t even think about books today. Here are some pictures from Halloween:

We started carving pumpkins the night before:

We also had our traditional Monster Mash dinner, which includes roasted pumpkin seeds, orange smoothies (“Witch’s Brew”), hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls (“Mummy Dogs”) and jello made in the shape of a brain (purple) and in the shape of Frankenstein’s hand (green). I tossed a few gummy worms and an eyeball onto the spooky tray, which was left over from a party. Though the meal is not nutritious, Tom and Huck thought the meal was quite delicious.

After that, it was time to light the jack o’ lanterns, get into costume, and go trick or treating. That pirate costume is a leftover from a previous Halloween, too.

And, by request, a close up of the front and back of Huck’s iPod costume. I used a large sheet (almost two yards) of white felt and silver, black, and white fabric paint. Total cost around $15. Though I am not so good at drawing (the screen and menu button), it was not too hard to make and would easily fit a child or an adult.

Just after we got in from trick or treating around the neighborhood, it started to rain. Hard. It was a dark and stormy night and Saturday was a dark and stormy day. As California is currently experiencing drought conditions, this was great news. We celebrated by lighting our first fire of the season.

All in all (despite very minimal book work) it was a great weekend.

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 296 Halloween Hangover

  1. Excellent iPod costume, Thank you. You look very niec as a pirate as well. The zombie – well he’s nice and very scary looking, but I saw so many zombies this weekend, I have lost the ability to be scared. Except when my son creeps up behind me and says BOO every morning. That still scares me. LOL

    So how much candy did the boys get? Due to economic times, we didnt get as much as we have in previous years. And we noted a LOT more doors were closed this year. Doors that were open and giving out treats last year as well.

  2. We had about the usual Halloween. Went through three bags of candy with 150 pieces in each bag. We get a lot of trick or treaters!

    Tom and Huck brought home plenty of candy from their trick or treat adventures as well.

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