Chapter 295 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! Today, I’m off to the school Halloween parade, class party, and trick-or-treat festivities. Tom and Huck have constructed a “haunted mine” in our front yard, made of kid-size soccer goals, a paint tarp, cardboard, and duct tape. They want to hide in the mine and pop out and scare trick-or-treaters who venture up our front walk. Then they want to trick or treat in the neighborhood.

Last Friday night we went with the Cub Scouts to Arata’s Pumpkin Farm out on the coast (about a half hour from where we live, but with a much more rural feel). In addition to loads of pumpkins and gourds of all sorts, Arata’s has a huge maze built from hay bales. We wended our way through the maze in the dark and found hot chocolate and popcorn waiting for us at the end. It was a great night. Here are a few photos:

The night began with a lovely Pacific Ocean twilight. This is the kind of thing that makes it impossible for me to ever leave California:

The maze is much more fun (and spooky) at night!

Just as in Greek mythology, a minotaur awaits at the labyrinth. This one seemingly rises from a mound of Halloween pumpkins and gourds.

The entrance to the maze:

Choices, choices. Which way should we go? This maze had secret doors (also constructed of hay bales) which swung open and shut to deceive the entrant as to the correct way to go.

So glad we made it to the hot chocolate hut. It’s cold at the coast!

See you amongst the pumpkins!

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One response to “Chapter 295 Happy Halloween!

  1. Some friends of mine in our neighbourhood have two young boys. The mom took one boy out trick or treating. The other boy stayed home with dad handing out the candies. The best of both worlds.

    So I’d like to see this iPod costume please.

    You would not beleive how many zombies, dead brides, and grim reapers were out in our neighbourhood last night. I did not see any ghosts or skeletons.

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