Chapter 292 About that House Call Yesterday . . .

Anything really can be anywhere. Thanks for thinking good thoughts for me!


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5 responses to “Chapter 292 About that House Call Yesterday . . .

  1. Jan

    Are you implying these are pieces you found yesterday?! If so, wow! I’d like to learn more of that adventure.

  2. Please dont leave is in the dark.
    Where do the leaves come from?
    What year were they made?
    Who drew the angels?
    What do the angels represent?

    Please – Do tell.

  3. Rick

    I agree, please dont tease;)
    Will your recent finds make it to your website and give us distant readers a chance at purchasing?

  4. Sorry, gang. Didn’t mean to tease. I didn’t have much time to post as I am making (oh why oh why did I think it would be a good idea to make it myself?) Huck’s Halloween costume. More to come on the finds above later today. And, yes, they are from the housecall I went to recently.


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