Chapter 288 Excuse Me, Where is the Bookstore in Spookytown?

Tom and Huck have been at it again — they have assembled our little Spookytown display in preparation for Halloween. When they were babies, we bought one piece a year until we had a good size collection. Then we stopped collecting because we ran out of space to store and display the pieces. Our town is small, but it’s complete. I love it that the boys are now old enough to set it up themselves! That leaves me free to snap photos of various scenes in their town. They are very proud of their “city planning” work. Here are a few photos:

The pumpkin-carving lady’s knife seems a bit large for just carving pumpkins, doesn’t it?

The costume parade

The magic shop

The pumpkin patch

What is a bookseller’s Halloween without a cat?

Happy Haunting!


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3 responses to “Chapter 288 Excuse Me, Where is the Bookstore in Spookytown?

  1. That is a lovely halloween set.
    So what are Tom and Huck dressing up as, for Halloween – if I may ask?

    My son will be a medieval knight. He got a sword and shield for his birthday, so they made an excellent start for a halloween costume.

  2. Tom is going to be a zombie and Huck wants to be (insert drumroll here) an iPod. He and I are making his costume ourselves and I will post photos of it when done.

    Have a great Halloween!

  3. Oz Mama

    Have a Happy Halloween! Your boys sure are growing into handsome young men – just like their dad!!! XXX Anne

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