Chapter 284 A Spoonful of Sugar, Or, Books Are My Favorite Medicine

Huck’s been sick all weekend, with some kind of virus/sore throat/cough/fever/illness. It’s the first time he’s had a fever in over two years, so I can’t complain. I attribute this general good health to the fact that he spends most of his time playing outside in dirt. I think he has built up a good tolerance to most germs and bacteria. The bad news is that I, who live a relatively clean, indoor, germ-free life, now feel like I am coming down with the virus.

I’ll keep the blogging short today and leave you with some eye candy:

This pretty piece, with its lovely flowers, beautiful bird, and whimsical ladybug (see the bottom of the blue letter “n”), makes me feel better just looking at it. It is a fragment from a larger leaf of a 15th century Flemish missal. I wish it was the complete leaf, and I can’t fathom why anyone would cut such a lovely piece up into smaller pieces, but this is the fragment as I found it on a house call. When is the last time books were made with such artistry and attention to detail? As I read Julia Flynn Siler’s The House of Mondavi on my Kindle e-reader, I, in a moment of bibliophilic cliche, ponder whether the convenience of such gadgetry is really more valuable to the reader than a fragment such as this.

See you in the sickroom! Actually, I hope you stay well. I’ll be in the sickroom, reading. 😉

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