Chapter 281 Add This to the Book Fair Kit

One of my favorite gifts on my recent _0th birthday was from my mom. My mom has been a big supporter of my business since day one. She has encouraged me from the get-go, and was, in fact, the “friend” who gave me Nicholas Basbanes’s book A Gentle Madness several years ago. It was that book which introduced me to antiquarian books and which led me to decide I’d like to become an antiquarian bookseller. Countless times, she has stayed with Tom and Huck so I could attend a library sale or book fair. She has driven their carpools and washed their clothes and prepared some of their meals on days when I was away having fun (oops, I mean “working” — it is work, Mom) at UCLA’s Rare Book School and Santa Monica’s Book Fair. She has clipped newspaper articles about the book world and given them to me. She is tireless in her supportive efforts.

My recent birthday was no exception. Ever on the lookout for things that might help her daughter to succeed in the world of antiquarian books, she found the following item, which I have added to my book fair kit. I make sure I have chocolate on hand at every fair, either to celebrate or to console myself, depending on the sales made at the fair. Thanks, Mom! I love it.

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