Chapter 275 In Which A Bookseller Ponders the Financial Market

Ian over at Lux Mentis has been pondering recent financial developments, and had the same answer I do when it comes to the question, Are Books on A Shelf Better than Stock Certificates in a Drawer? I recommend you go on over there and read it. Click on the link below.
Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis…rare books, random musings: Are books on the shelf better than stock certificates in a drawer…

Whenever I am unsure as to whether I should buy a certain book resale, I ask myself if I will be willing to live with that book if its resale price does not turn out to be the price for which I had initially hoped. Many times, the answer is yes, because books, monetarily valuable or not, do provide enjoyment, enlightenment, and do furnish a room. 😉

In seasonal news today, nature is further thwarting my attempts to appreciate autumn. My hibiscus plant (a tropical plant, mind you) has chosen this month to blossom:

I want to get in the fall spirit and cook pot roast and beef stew and chili. Given the current sunny 70 degree weather and my blooming hibiscus, perhaps I should plan a luau instead.

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 275 In Which A Bookseller Ponders the Financial Market

  1. I remember living with Hibiscus flowers in the Solomon Islands where I lived for a few years as a teenager. They are beautiful flowers.

    Now how is the DANTE catalogue coming along?
    I think you said you have 4 new books to add, is that right?

  2. They are beautiful flowers, indeed. I really do like them, but I wish they bloomed in July instead of October.

    I do have four new items to add to the Dante catalogue, and plan to have those items described by the end of the week. Will be trying to locate a desktop publishing person to help with the layout after that. Thanks for asking.


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