Chapter 269 Refreshed, Or, October 2008 Business Priorities

I was tired at the end of last week. Rare Book School combined with two book fairs combined with the whirlwind change of schedule that is the first month of school for Tom and Huck all conspired to make me more than a little fatigued.

After neglecting bookselling duties at the end of last week and over the weekend, I feel a bit more refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks at hand. A bookman’s holiday is just what I needed. I stayed home and celebrated some birthdays and read some books in between Tom and Huck’s soccer games. It was better than a vacation; it was heaven. Here’s what’s on deck for the coming month of October:

* Input sales and business contacts into BookHound from the Santa Monica Book Fair. (I know; I am dreadfully behind).

* Ditto for the Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair.

*Catalogue new acquisitions from book fairs. There is nearly a whole box full of them.

* Find a desktop publishing person to get this Dante catalogue ready for a printer. The catalogue is all written; it’s the layout that’s holding me back. Well, that and four more new acquisitions that fit the catalogue perfectly. πŸ˜‰ After messing with layout for the past three months, I am going to hand that part off to someone else if the cost isn’t too prohibitive. I figure it will cost me more in time and sanity to keep messing with it and never achieve the state of satisfaction I hope to have. I probably should have figured that out months ago, but, being a rookie, I just kept trying. I now realize that it is probably more productive for me to spend time on buying books, researching them, pricing them, and writing the catalogue than it is to learn computer science/desktop publishing. Still, I really would like to add the layout skills to my bookseller’s arsenal someday. However, if I don’t complete the catalogue and get it in the mail, I won’t be a bookseller much longer. So, finding a person to assist with layout seems the best investment of my time and money at this point.

* Blog posts to come this week on my _0th birthday, one year of blogging, and nearly two years in the antiquarian book trade. Other posts on fall reading lists and fall cleaning lists. And new acquisitions.

I’m off to enjoy another cup of Earl Grey tea and a scone and to get down to work. Have a great Monday!

See you in the stacks!


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3 responses to “Chapter 269 Refreshed, Or, October 2008 Business Priorities

  1. Happy Birthday.
    I’m guessing you are 4 years younger than me and I’m 40 something. LOL

  2. WJM

    You mean you’re not _9 and holding?

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