Chapter 262 Another New Acquisition

You can probably tell by the finds I’ve been posting from the Santa Monica Book Fair that I was sucked into the swirling vortex of the ephemera dealer’s booth at the fair. I don’t sell much ephemera, but the items I recently acquired really caught my eye.

Above is another find from the fair. It’s a cookbook and fashion book put out for “the average housewife” by San Francisco’s Roxie Theater in 1936. It features photos of and recipes by stars such as Shirley Temple (Mammy’s Pecan Squares), Bing Crosby (Norwegian Sturgeon), Fred Astair (Lemon Pie Meringue)and Ginger Rogers (Pimento Salad a la Parisian), George Burns (Beefsteak Pie) and Gracie Allen (Carmel Rhubarb Pie), Carole Lombard (Angels on Horseback), Gloria Stuart (Jellied Fruit Salad), James Cagney (Cold Ham with Egg Salad), Barbara Stanwyck (Cheese Cake Delight), Gary Cooper (English Stuffing for Goose), Mae West (Spiced Cheese Mould), and Jack Benny (Southern Fried Chicken).

The fashion portion of the book features stars in fabulous clothes that the “average housewife” should aspire to have in her closet: black velvet suit for the cocktail hour, whole sables, sleek satin sheaths, and a casual frock. Whole sables? Suits for the cocktail hour? Well, the book was published in San Francisco in the 1930s. My Nana who lived in The City during that time used to call it “The City that Knows How”. If that’s what the average housewife was wearing, it certainly did.

It’s a fun piece!

As you have likely guessed, I am still working on fair preparations today.

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