Chapter 260 A Time to Sell Books, or Book Fair Season

Seems like autumn is book fair season. As a student and as a teacher, I loved autumn; now, as a parent of school-aged children, I still think of the start of school in September as the beginning of a new year.

As a bookseller, I am as happy as the school child buying new school supplies. I have freshly sharpened pencils for gently marking prices in books. I have a “Book Fair Preparation” binder, where I keep my fair correspondence and contracts. I experience the joy of seeing and meeting some of my colleagues in person at the fairs. I get the opportunity to hand-sell some books, a wondrous feeling unmatched in the repertoire of feelings universally experienced by booksellers. Book fair season means it’s time to sell books.

It’s also time to prepare for another book fair this week, the Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, to be held in Sacramento, CA. If you’d like a free pass, please leave a comment below and I will send you one via email. Hope to see you there!

Another book fair?

That means it’s time to research and price the new acquisitions from Santa Monica. I also managed to slip out for the last hour of the last day of my favorite library sale today and bought a few more books there.

That means it’s time work on the test shelves again.

That means it’s time to finish removing from inventory books sold at Santa Monica last week.

That means it’s time to ship out a couple of orders.

That means it’s time to start fantasizing about the “free time” I’ll have to print my catalogue when
these back-to-back fairs have ended.

I realized today that I have been so pre-occupied with book fairs this month that I did not make a list of September business priorities. You have probably already guessed (correctly) that the biggest priorities this month are the two book fairs. One fair down. One to go. I also owe an article to BookThink this week. Combined with the advent of school for Tom and Huck and the start of soccer season, I’ll be lucky to get anything else done.

Hope to see you at the fair!

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