Chapter 253 (Southern) California, Here I Come

It’s late (1:25 a.m.) and I am still finishing up packing books, book descriptions, bookcases, bookstands, chocolate, etc. Since I will be at the Santa Monica Book Fair, I will be offline until I return late Monday.

I recently read the September issue of Americana Exchange Monthly. This month it has articles on several topics in which I am interested and it occurred to me that they might be of use to you, too. There are articles on the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, creating an online catalogue and a print catalogue, selling books on Craig’s List, personal customer service, and the recent Amazon acquisition of ABE. All of it is good reading. AE Monthly is free but I also recently subscribed to their auction and bibliograpic database which I have used nearly every day since. I highly recommend it for both the bookseller and the book buyer doing research.

Please do stop by and introduce yourself if you are attending the fair. If you’re not going to this one, I promise a full report when I get back.

See you at the fair!

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