Chapter 244 Waning Days of Summer

Friday is the boys’ last day of summer. They start school early Monday morning; Huck is entering second grade and Tom is entering fifth. Here are a few things we’ve observed in these waning days of summer.

Huck grew these tomatoes — helped plant them and watered them each day — and they are just beginning to ripen. Ever since our visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead, he wants to be a farmer.

Ready to pick

I find myself shocked saying that I find an insect beautiful, but this dragonfly really is a lovely creature.

It may be beautiful, but I have never seen such a big dragonfly. What is it doing in my yard? Out here in the suburbs we have a few insects, but nothing so big as this, and nothing so big that the beat of its wings makes the foliage hum, as it did when I was in Wyoming. This dragonfly is the size of a hummingbird. It’s huge.

Many thanks to all who left comments on my blog or via email regarding yesterday’s post about bookshops and blogs and bibliophilic fellowship. One very kind reader remarked, “Reading your blog is like visiting over a muffin and tea.” Funnily enough, I am often drinking a cup of tea (from my favorite book mug) when I write! So, it’s like visiting over a muffin and tea for me, too. When I first started bookselling and the blog, I felt like I had very few friends who were as interested in books as I am. This blog has helped me find other likeminded booklovers, and for that, I am especially grateful.

Enjoy the weekend. See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 244 Waning Days of Summer

  1. The community that one can find online is not the same as an in-real-life one, but it can be wonderful. As a knitter without knitting friends, the Internet helped me to feel not so alone in my hobby, plus it led me to knitting friends IRL, which is a wonderful change.

    Good job on those tomatoes, Huck! This is my first year growing them, and I picked 6 dozen Romas this week. Yum! The garden was always full of dragonflies, and I too think they’re neat. Something about the way they move is to me more birdlike, less insect.

  2. How early is early, Chris?
    How early does school start?

    Schools starts next week in Canada. I cant beleive your boys had almost 3 months off for summer vacation. (June, July and most of August)
    My kid only got 2 months off. (July and August)

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