Chapter 230 A Way to Fulfill Two Dreams, Perhaps?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve long known that my Plan B if bookselling is unsuccessful is to adopt an abandoned farm. This summer I even got to stay on a farm when I visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in pastoral DeSmet, South Dakota — and I loved it!

Today I saw a brief video from YouTube about a farm/bookstore in Wisconsin. The bookstore has over 1,000,000 books, has no signs, no advertising, and — shock — no website or other online presence. The books are housed in 12 structures on the farm’s property.

I watched the clip and felt that, crazy as such a bookstore might seem, perhaps, taking into account my love of books and farms, this is the place I should be.

Watch the clip for yourself and see what you think.

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One response to “Chapter 230 A Way to Fulfill Two Dreams, Perhaps?

  1. BiblioHistoria

    OOH if only I had few hundred dollars to spare. I could spend probably 1 entire week at that farm. Two buildings per day – for the entire 8 hours they are open. I think. Thank you for that video.

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