Chapter 228 About Those Books . . .

It’s a bit late in the month for a post on July business priorities. Let’s just say that I pretty much took the month of July off (thanks in part to selling one fine book). Here’s an update on some things you might be wondering about:

The Dante catalogue was proofread by my mentor, Mr. Z, while I was away. I asked him to read it and make sure I am not embarassing myself in the terminology I’ve used to describe books, etc. I have a few small revisions to make, but there is one bit of bad news: I can’t get the layout to print out the way I want it to look. The print is way, way too small, and when I enlarge it, it ruins all the pagination. This is probably a basic problem and my inability to solve it is just me and my computer illiteracy. Anyhow, I have started to lay it all out anew in Word rather than Pages, the program I was using. I am about 50% done with the new layout, which I am printing as I go along, to make sure that what I see on the computer screen is what appears on the page.

I missed the July library sale at my favorite library. I will likely miss the August sale as well because I will be leaving for my continuing bookseller education: The Book in the West, with an Emphasis on California course taught at the California Rare Book School at UCLA.

I’ve got two book fairs in September. First the Santa Monica Book Fair on September 6-7 and then the Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair on September 20. I’ve got quite a few nice items to prepare for those two fairs.

So, between preparing for my Rare Book School course, finishing the catalogue, and preparing for two book fairs, August is going to be quite a full month! And I forgot to mention that Tom and Huck return to school at the end of the month, so there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes back-to-school preparation and school supply shopping going on as well.

See you in the stacks!

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