Chapter 227 The West from a Car Window

That book business update post I mentioned yesterday — it’ll have to wait one more day. As one of my dear readers reminded me, it is summer and it’s time to relax. I’ve had a lot going on since I returned (like six kids playing in my house all day today) and I need to take a breath.

I’m going to show you a few more pictures from our trip — but not the type you’re probably expecting. No. The most interesting way to convey how different the states we visited are from our own state of California is to show you some of the signs we saw along the road. There’s nothing like a view of the West from a car window. Enjoy!

Usually, there was no wi-fi in town, a stark contrast from our spoiled Silicon Valley life, where wi-fi is everywhere all the time. This RV Park in Winnemucca, Nevada, one of our first stops, offered “the best” and almost the only reliable wireless connection we had anywhere.

I’ve never before been somewhere where this sentiment had to be stated explicitly:

This sign was used to stop traffic in Deadwood, South Dakota:

Also in Deadwood, South Dakota:

Wild Bill Hickcock’s tombstone. The epitaph reads, “Custer was lonely without him.” I’ll bet he was.

Calamity Jane’s tombstone. Since she sort of falls under the Pioneer Woman category, I thought I’d include her grave. She is buried next to Wild Bill Hickock.

Yes, there are bookstores in South Dakota. This one is in the town of Wall, SD.

This sign was one of my favorites:

Most of our campgrounds offered these for breakfast every day:

Never had this problem where I live.

In case we want to mine for gold:



Wyoming rush hour traffic sign:

Seen on one of the last days of our trip:


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2 responses to “Chapter 227 The West from a Car Window

  1. BiblioHistoria

    These photos show a whole other side of the USA that very few people ever get to see. Because they live in the cities and in the cities you have to be “frenetic” or live fast.
    In the country the rule is to RELAX and slow down. These are LOVELY photos and thank you so much for taking them.

  2. Ha! Even though folks make fun of them, I like the signs when you cross the line into Texas that say “Drive Friendly”.

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