Chapter 224 Technical Difficulties

You won’t believe what I did. I don’t believe what I did.

Somehow, my hard drive on my computer is almost full. Pop-ups keep appearing on the screen reminding me to clear off some space. I did what I do in all matters requiring techical assistance — I contacted Thoughtful Husband at work.

“I think you can have your computer list all of the largest files and then delete the ones you don’t need,” he said. “I’ll take a look at it later tonight when I get home from work.”

I wanted to fix the computer right away so that I could put more photos from our RV trip on the computer. It sounds silly, but the kids were out playing and I had the free time to upload the photos at that moment. If you are a mother, you know that you must take advantage of free time whenever it presents itself. Free time does not wait for husbands to get home from work. In a remarkable fit of impatience, I did not wait. I listed all the files by size and then began to delete any whose names weren’t familiar to me.

Big. Mistake.

One of the things I deleted is my email archive, which contains all of my correspondence, business and personal, for the past three years.

Thoughtful Husband was not pleased when he heard the news. “Why couldn’t you just wait until I got home?” he asked.

In hindsight, “Because I had the free time right then,” didn’t sound like a good answer.

We’re going to spend this afternoon seeing if we can restore the archive from my backup hard drive.

Meanwhile, if you sent an email last week — one reader sent one about a Dante cameo pin — I deleted it and you’ll have to re-send it if you haven’t heard from me. Sorry to trouble you. My email is: chris @ bookhuntersholiday . com

Apparently the only thing in my life which presents itself less often than free time is impulse control! I promise to learn my lesson.

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One response to “Chapter 224 Technical Difficulties

  1. This JUST HAPPENED TO ME! I kept getting a pop-up warning telling me that my startup disk was full. My Apple is 4 years old and came with extras like a Tony Hawke sckateboard game, Garage Band application. I deleted those and then googled “freeing space on startup disk”. That was the key for me, there were lots of tips to free space.

    I just bought an external hard drive for backup. Sorry to hear about the deleted files. The optimist in me says you’ll be able to restore them.

    Love the blog by the way. I’m a regular visitor, a lowly bookseller by trade and part-time receptionist, nothing as lofty as an antiquarian bookseller by any stretch of the imagination.

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