Chapter 223 Better Late than Never

I really really wanted to have these photos posted for you on July 4. For some reason, Thoughtful Husband’s laptop couldn’t upload photos to the internet from the road, though, so I couldn’t. I know that Independence Day is now long past, but the fireworks show at Mt. Rushmore was one of the high points of our trip. This show is one of the biggest fireworks shows I’ve ever seen. Fireworks are illegal for individuals in the Bay Area, though there are a few public fireworks shows. None of them can hold a candle (pardon the pun) to grand spectacle of the show at Mt. Rushmore.

On July 3, we visited Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. On the night of July 3, Mt. Rushmore hosts the fireworks show. About 30,000 people attended, but the park was well-organized and able to accommodate the huge crowd. The traffic getting there and back to our campground after was horrible, but that’s not the part we’ll remember a few years from now. We’ll likely remember the beautiful setting and this:

Happy Independence Day! Better late than never. 🙂


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3 responses to “Chapter 223 Better Late than Never

  1. BiblioHistoria

    OMG these photos are gorgeous. I’m curious though – they must have had to have very large fireworks for such large and beautiful display. Mt Rushmore is quite a distance away in the photos.

    I will always remember Mt Rushmore from the movie National Treature Two (if you havent seen it – its about the Cibola treasure found inside Mt Rushmore).

  2. BiblioHistoria

    DId you leave the camera open for a few seconds to get these really lovelyt shots? I see the rockets trails going upwards and then the explosions. Not sure what the official word is – but something like a large aperture? Is that right?

  3. I love National Treasure II (Riley Poole is my favorite), and we watched it just before we left on our trip. It was fun to see one of the settings for the movie.

    As to camera, I am not a very knowledgeable photographer. I just turned off the flash on my small digital camera (a Casio Exilim) and took photos. I think you can see the rocket trails because they shot off so many fireworks at once. Some were exploding and some were on their way up. And, yes, in keeping with the large scale of Mt. Rushmore, the fireworks were huge! Mt. Rushmore is about 1/2mile or more away from its viewing area. We were seated near the Avenue of Flags (where Riley is standing in one of the last scenes in National Treasure II).

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