Chapter 217 A Quick Update

I sure wish I could post photos from this wireless laptop, but that’s not working and probably won’t until I get back to my home computer.

We spent the past two days in the tiny town of DeSmet, South Dakota, at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead. The town is so small and fairly remote and had no wireless signal there at all, so I didn’t attempt to blog. We drove about 5 hours today — two hours to the rural hometown of Thoughtful Husband’s father and another three hours to Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace. It is now going on midnight, South Dakota time, and we are getting an early start tomorrow to drive to the Badlands of South Dakota.

I will blog on the Wilder Homestead in more detail when I get home. It was a wonderful place, and I want to think about it before I write about it. For the short term, I will say it was a fabulous visit. We slept in a covered wagon for two nights. A bit hot, but the grass did not hum with insects (thank God!). Tom and Huck got to ride ponies, drive a horse and buggy, milk a cow and feed chickens. Huck has announced that if we can have a yard as big as the homestead (150 acres), he wants to move to South Dakota and become a farmer. I got the satisfaction of seeing my kids have a great time and fulfilling a childhood dream of my own right alongside them.

I will write a longer post on this special place when I can. I met lots of interesting people, and — specially to the reader who wanted me to take photos — I took a lot!

Have to get some sleep for the long drive tomorrow — about 5-6 hours, not including the planned stops at Bob’s Prairie Dog Town (Tom and Huck’s pick) and the Badlands. Wish I had time to blog more, but it will have to wait a bit. Sorry to anyone who was hoping for more depth at this time.

See you in the Badlands!


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4 responses to “Chapter 217 A Quick Update

  1. To the reader who is patiently waiting for pictures, how about video in the meantime?

    Go to and select “Laura’s Homes” on the side menu, then go to De Smet, and there are two videos there so you can see the site for yourself. 🙂

  2. BiblioHistoria

    Don’t worry about us. We readers can wait until you get home so we can see ALL the photos you took.

  3. focusjennifer

    So Excited to find your post on The Ingalls Homestead! We are camping in a tent there in a couple of days, what is this about insects humming in the grass? Yikes!

  4. Sarah


    It sounds like you have had a wonderful trip. I immediately linked to the website you suggested and enjoyed the short videos of Laura’s homes. I am in no hurry for the photos that you’ve kindly referenced; I’m just very glad to know you were able to take some and are willing to share.

    Thank you again,


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