Chapter 216 Words Can’t Do It Justice

Happy Independence Day!

I have photos for you of the absolutely spectacular fireworks show I watched with my family at Mt. Rushmore the night of July 3.

Unfortunately, WordPress, who hosts the blog, won’t take the photos from Thoughtful Husband’s laptop.

I hate it when that happens. There is no way I can describe for you the sheer awesomeness of watching fireworks at such a beautiful American landmark. You will simply have to wait for the pictures. I am sorry.

We’ve enjoyed our time here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There is lots to see and do. Yesterday we visited Bear Country, USA (a park full of bears, elk, and wolves that you drive through). Today we visited the Crazy Horse monument. We also saw the old west town of Deadwood a couple of days ago and Mt. Rushmore last night. Our campground (the KOA in Hill City/Mt. Rushmore) is wonderful and offers lots of fun activities. Horseback riding, bicycling, two pools, waterslide for the kids, and mini golf. Tom and Huck want to stay put, but . . .

Early tomorrow we leave for our (well, my) penultimate destination — DeSmet, South Dakota, home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s a long drive from here, I think about 7 hours, and I don’t know how well the wireless internet connection works there, as it’s a rather small town, but I will try to blog about it if I can get a signal.

See you on the prairie!

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One response to “Chapter 216 Words Can’t Do It Justice

  1. BiblioHistoria

    Mt Rushmore huh?

    Have you seen the movie National Treasure 2? I will always think of Mt Rushmore as a Treasure site.

    I am glad you all had a great Independence day.

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