Chapter 213 Checking In

Hi there! Anyone still reading while I am away on vacation? I am just checking in to say hello and to let you know I am having lots of fun. As you know, I am by no means an outdoors-girl or a camper, but I like traveling in the RV very much so far, even more than I expected I would.

We drive to Winnemucca, Nevada the first day and on to Salt Lake City, Utah, the next. Today we walked all around the city, which is beautiful and historic. Went to Temple Square and learned about the Mormon history in this state. Very interesting. But the best part of the day was a visit to Ken Sander’s Rare Books. This is a lovely shop with a large selection of used and rare books and very knowledgeable employees. I walked a mile or so to get there — in 100 degree heat — so I am glad that it was such a fun place to spend an afternoon. I even bought a few books.

Blogging from Thoughtful Husband’s laptop is not as easy as I would have predicted — no signal sometimes and I don’t know how to post pictures here. I have a lot more to tell you, but it is late Monday night (after midnight in Utah) and we are headed off to Wyoming early tomorrow morning. Got to get some shut-eye. I’ll post in more detail when I can. I miss blogging on a daily basis. Tom and Huck were not nearly as excited as you will be to hear about Ken Sanders Rare Books!


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4 responses to “Chapter 213 Checking In

  1. BiblioHistoria

    Thanks for checking in. Yes I still read, and was getting a little worried. I checked out Ken Sanders website Added to my Blogroll. I see he has a sale on all of July. He specialises in western Americana – which meshes in with your themes as well. Hopw the rest of the trip goes well.

  2. Was looking forward to an update. It’s winter here in Australia so I’m struggling to remember what HOT is, although thinking back to March this year in Adelaide at Writer’s Week it’s all coming back to me! Looking forward to your arrival in ‘Wilder Country’. Keep us posted.

  3. Idyll Musings

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip!! We are still getting ready for our big move, speaking of long car rides. Packing, selling, heaving, etc…PHEW!!! We are planning on shipping out of Massachusetts on July 21. Destination: Prescott Valley, AZ.
    Keep up th eblogging while you are travelling, if you can. It serves as inspiration/motivation for the big move!


  4. If you need a storage unit for all those old books check out Storitz

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