Chapter 211 June Priorities Update

Since I leave on my Little Ride on the Prairie vacation in only a couple of days, I figured I should update my June priorities, because it will be well into July when I return.

Here are the June priorities. Their current status is noted in bold print.

+ Finish the Dante catalogue. A final draft is being mailed on Friday to two trusted book people for proofreading while I am away on my trip.
+ Sell some books! Did better than last month.
+ Talk with a friend who is thinking about becoming an antiquarian bookseller. Such fun to meet someone seriously contemplating entering the trade.
+ Meet with a bookseller in San Francisco to talk about the book business and to buy books. I had a wonderful trip to Argonaut Book Shop. Bought lots of goodies, and had I an unlimited income, I would have bought more. Also got to know the owner, Bob Haines, jr. and his daughter Angela.
+ Attend my favorite library sale. I‘m glad I made the effort to attend. I had better finds there than I have had in a while.
+ Start filling out contract for Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, to be held in Sacramento on September 20. Done and mailed.
+ Purchase books needed for California Rare Book School at UCLA and start reading them. Still need to do this one.
+ Write an article for BookThink. Done.
+ Write an article for Bookshop Blog. Submitted an article. Waiting to see if it will work for them.

What’s on tap for July? Well, I’ll be away until July 15. The only real goal is to finish, print, and mail the Dante catalogue. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am finally close to doing so!

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