Chapter 202 June 2008 Business Priorities

It is practically halfway through June and I am just now writing down my priorities. This is because the combination of the last week of school for Tom and Huck immediately followed by a Yosemite camping trip took up most of my time.

Still, I have managed to get a few things done. All of the campfire-smoke-scented laundry (5 loads because of towels, jackets, and sleeping bags in addition to clothes) is washed, dried, folded, and smells clean. (This is a much bigger task than it would appear to be.) Tom and Huck are officially on summer break, which means I no longer spend afternoons supervising homework and driving kids to sports practices. Their time is largely unstructured. Today, they have been outside with the triplet neighbors for three hours making lemonade and selling it, mostly to a construction crew working down the street. I have set up my own snack and tall glass of lemonade while I sit on the front porch and write book descriptions. It’s as near perfect a blend of life and work as I can imagine.

First, let’s take a look at May’s priorities. Current status of each goal is in bold.

+ Finish the Dante catalogue. Nope. Still not finished. Significant progress is being made, however. Not much left to do except for digital layout of descriptions and images. Also purchased two more books for the catalogue.

+ Library Sale Glad I went. Got a few things for the Gold Rush Book Fair.

+ Prepare for and sell books at the Gold Rush Book Fair, May 17. Spent the better part of a week packing and prepping, went to the fair on a weekend with 100+ degree heat wave, and had very slow business. Definitely could have been better. Bought several great items for future sale.

+ Put all books back on the shelves after the Gold Rush Book Fair (sigh ā€” I dislike that part). Done.

+ I will be attending UCLA Rare Book School in August. I need to make travel plans and book my hotel. Done.

+ I will be exhibiting at the Santa Monica Book Fair in September. I need to book a hotel for that, too. Done.

+ Find out the dates for the Sacramento/Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, which is also usually held in September. Done. The date, if you are interested, is September 20.

+ Keep blogging here. I am taking a break from writing for BookThink this month so that I can focus on my catalogue and the book fair. Done.

+ Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. The most important goal ā€” sell books! Should have done better. Spent more than I made on books this month.

Here’s what’s in store for June:

+ Finish the Dante catalogue. (PLEASE!)
+ Sell some books!
+ Talk with a friend who is thinking about becoming an antiquarian bookseller.
+ Meet with a bookseller in San Francisco to talk about the book business and to buy books.
+ Attend my favorite library sale.
+ Start filling out contract for Sacramento Book Fair.
+ Purchase books needed for California Rare Book School at UCLA and start reading them.
+ Write an article for BookThink.
+ Write an article for Bookshop Blog.
+ Keep blogging here.


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3 responses to “Chapter 202 June 2008 Business Priorities

  1. It’s terrific that you publicize your to-do list. It must help a bit in getting most items done. I know we are usually near the bottom of your list of priorities (and rightfully so I think), I just wanted to pop in and say that we look forward to anything that you’d like to submit. Take care and good luck with those book sales.
    Bruce – Bookshop Blog

  2. Jill

    If I’m the person referred to in #3 on your June 2008 list of priorities, I’m honored. Reminds me that I need to put together my own to-do list for this month, to overcome the fears associated with this potential new venture. Hope to talk with you soon, when you aren’t too busy. Jill

  3. Jill,

    You are indeed the person referred to in #3 of my June To-Do List. Good luck in working toward your bookselling career. Talk to you soon!

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