Chapter 201 Pioneer Woman for Three Days — And That’s Enough

I haven’t posted about last weekend’s camping trip to Yosemite because it has taken me the past five days to clean up enough to find my camera and upload some photos. I like camping (well, sort of). It’s the clean-up and unpacking I hate. The dusty dirt of the valley floor finds its way into everything. And the campfire smoke from the evenings lingers in all clothing, linens, and jackets. Three days of camping is just enough for me. (Yes, I know I’d never have made it as a true pioneer woman.)

The weekend brought lots of camping fun and no bears this year (we do have them from time to time). This year the following happened — bike ride to Mirror Lake, hike Lower Yosemite Falls, campfires, guitars and ridiculously corny campfire songs, old friends, and even a marriage proposal. (Best wishes, Brad and Roxanne!)

Butterflies like this bright-winged creature were everywhere. This is one kind of bug with which I can happily co-exist.

Yosemite Falls was very full this year.

Last year, Tom and Huck climbed every boulder they could find. Our trip was punctuated with “Boys! Get down from there!” This year, in a feat guaranteed to scare mothers even more than climbing mountains, the boys decided to crawl under huge, heavy, cave-like chunks of granite. “Just remember,” I said, trying to caution them, “Dad and I won’t be able to lift the rocks off of you if they collapse.” 😉 It looks like the tree trunks in the photo are holding up the rocks, but that definitely isn’t the case.

In addition to climbing in holes and under rocks, they climbed into the holes of fallen trees. (Yuck! Who knows what insects are crawling around inside this decaying tree trunk? Tom and Huck could not care less.)

This is the whole group. We all lived in the same city 30 years ago and our parents took all of us camping in Yosemite for one weekend in June every year. Now, us “kids” come back each June with our own friends and families. This was the 30th year of the trip and though some have passed on and some have moved on, we had three generations represented and had a great time. Yes, I feel fortunate indeed to be part of this. Summer has officially begun!

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