Chapter 200 Thanks for Reading

Two hundred posts today. I’ve been keeping a chronicle of my life as a bookseller for just about two-thirds of a year. Don’t giggle. I’m a mother; I mark milestones. It’s what we do — baby’s first word, first steps, etc. This concept extends past my role as a parent to my job as an antiquarian bookseller — first sale of a book, first big book find, first (of many) really stupid mistake, first book fair, etc.

For those of you who’ve been reading from the beginning, thank you very much. I initially created this blog for myself, as a repository for the experiences I have and the lessons I learn each day since I decided to become an antiquarian bookseller. I wanted to record what I learn and save links to other useful book blogs and websites. I had little idea that other new booksellers might occasionally empathize with my experiences or that more experienced booksellers might read for a good chuckle or two. I had little idea that anyone, book-loving person or no, would read what I had to say. Though I like writing enough to write this blog just for me, it’s nice to have a few readers. A special thanks to those of you who’ve left comments or emailed letting me know who you are. And if you’re not the commenting type, thanks for reading anyway.

For those of you who are family members, thanks for reading about antiquarian books, something which is probably not quite as interesting to you as it is to me.

For those of you who are not family members, thanks for reading the posts about one of the few things more important than books — my family — Thoughtful Husband, and our sons, Tom and Huck.

For those of you new to this blog, here are links to a few old posts that I think will give you a good overview of my life as a bookseller and how I got here:


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As NASA Says, “It’s A Go!”

San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair, Or, Potential”

The great thing about blogging is that it has allowed me to correspond with other book-lovers, booksellers, and writers, and to learn from them. If there’s one thing a person new to bookselling needs to do, it’s to learn and to realize that you still have a lot to learn. (Oops! That’s actually two things. They’re both important, though, so I’ll leave it at two things.)

In a few cases, I’ve even had the great opportunity to meet readers in person or to match readers with books they seek. Though I didn’t initially comprehend the communal potential of blogging, it has helped me to know that just because I work from home I do not work in a vaccuum. It has helped me to know that there are others out there who are as passionate about books as I am. It has helped me to know that, while I have a lot to learn, I can be an antiquarian bookseller. For all of that, I am exceedingly grateful. I hope what I write has helped you, even if only to make you laugh at a new bookseller once in a while.

Thanks for reading!


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2 responses to “Chapter 200 Thanks for Reading

  1. Congratulations on 200 Posts.
    When did I find you? Oh yes. My 200th post turns out to be about you. How’s that for an interesting coincidence?

    I love your blog. I get the real inside story of what it is like to be involved in the antiquarian world. Thank you for inviting me into your world and being so good as to keep me there.

    Here’s to the next 200 posts.

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