Chapter 199 What Happens When You Deny that You Need Glasses

I got these vintage bookends from my great-aunt. She and my great-uncle used them for many years. They are nice, heavy bookends made of some kind of metal. Though they are heavily scuffed up, I think they are charming. I love book-themed bookends.

Doesn’t that just say “booklover” to you? Remember, if you read all the time positioned like the man in the picture here, hunched over and head hanging down, you may get a stiff neck. You may also need glasses, so you can avoid squinting to see the tiny print on the page.

Beware what can become of too much reading in a hunched over position with squinty eyes trying to focus on the small print:

Do you suppose he can be repaired?

(Actually, at the Gold Rush Book Fair last month, I was just moving the bookends and when I picked one up, his head just fell off.

In. Front. Of. Customers.

I was mortified.

Awful! Absolutely awful!)


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4 responses to “Chapter 199 What Happens When You Deny that You Need Glasses

  1. I love these! I bet a little dab of JB Weld will do the job nicely.

  2. I’m having trouble staying up in my chair and the tears from laughter are making it hard to type. This is one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in a long time.

    Perhaps you could make a tiny pair of glasses of thin wire for the poor guy.

  3. yourbestfriendliz

    Do you still have these??? god how I would love them.
    they look so lifelike, in their positioning. Though I can understand how mortifying it must have been for the head to come off, hopefully the first responder’s suggestion of JB Weld did the trick. did it?

  4. I do still have them. And, yes, the head is repaired now, thankfully!

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