Chapter 198 Little House on the Prairie — The Musical

Laura Ingalls Wilder is coming to the stage!

That’s right. Thanks to a tip from reader Jill, who knows my love of all things LIW, I learned that The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis will stage a Little House musical beginning July 26.

Alright! I know those of you who are not Little House fans are groaning out loud. I can even hear you through the computer screen. Little House on the Prairie as a musical? Truly, this could be the worst idea since Cop Rock. But it could also be really good.

The really interesting news is that the role of Ma will be played by none other than Half-Pint herself, Melissa Gilbert. Melissa Gilbert played Laura in the 1970s TV series Little House on the Prairie. Now she is all grown up and playing Ma. Hmm. Interesting. I can’t picture her as anyone but Laura, no matter how hard I try. She has too much spunk to play the gentle mother I imagine when I read the books.

I know. I know. A Little House purist loves only the books, because they are a bit less smarmy than the TV show, but the TV show was one of my favorites when I was a kid and I learned that the real Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books existed because I watched the TV show.

I wish I could get to Minneapolis to see this for myself. If any of you make it to the musical, let me know what you think.

To read more about the play, click here.

Melissa Gilbert as the young Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.

Melissa Gilbert in 2008


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4 responses to “Chapter 198 Little House on the Prairie — The Musical

  1. I’ll be going in mid-August and will write up something on my website about it then, so check in there if interested… Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

  2. BiblioHistoria

    If you delay your trip to the Dakota’s for a few weeks, would you not still be able to see the musical? But I see they are only doing previews, and July 26 is getting close to being back in school. Maybe not such a good idea.

  3. Can’t delay the trip, BiblioHistoria. Wish I could, but my husband’s schedule and my plans to take a course at UCLA in August prevent that. Then, as you correctly guessed, it is back to school for the boys. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  4. Can you make a litte house tv show on pbs kids. It will be just like the books. The carters will learn math.

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