Chapter 197 Summer Reading


I think I’ve written before that Tom, my 10 year old, is a somewhat reluctant reader. He’ll read a book if it’s interesting or if he has nothing else to do, but he is not (yet) a lover of literature.

Today, Tom’s teacher sent home the summer reading list for students entering fifth grade in the fall. I logged on to Amazon to read the reviews of the books. Most readers who reviewed one of the books liked it, but the Amazon review said of the main character:

We walk a mile in his shoes, our feet hurting all the way.

I’m just going to hope that the above comment was written because the book has a rather unsympathetic protagonist and not because the writing is so bad that a reluctant reader like Tom won’t enjoy it.

In other news, I went on a house call today to look at ten boxes of books. Nothing of saleable value for me. Mostly National Geographics, Book Club Editions, and paperbacks. That’s ok. What’s difficult is telling the person whose books you came to evaluate that they a) aren’t worth much in terms of resale value, and b) you won’t be buying any of the books. Talk about awkward. Add that to the list of when bookselling feels like work.

I came home and started packing and preparing for our annual Yosemite camping trip. I have gone on this trip most years for the past 30 years. My parents and their friends started taking the trip the first weekend in June back in 1978. They all still go on the trip every first full weekend of June. Now all of the “kids” in the group are grown and many of us have our own families. Many of us return for the Yosemite trip each year. We are now, 30 years later, a group of about 60 families. Even though I don’t like camping and being in continuous dirt for three days straight, Yosemite is gorgeous and the group we’re with makes it a lot of fun. I am glad to introduce Tom and Huck to this longstanding tradition.

Due to our trip, I’ll be taking a blogging break until Monday, June 9.

This afternoon, I made peanut butter cups (left) and chocolate chip cookies (right) for our trip.

See you in the stacks!

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