Chapter 191 Poetic Interlude

Do you ever find yourself in this situation? You already know I did not make a profit on the recent Gold Rush Book Fair, but did you know I suddenly found several great books I want to buy? The current bottom line dictates that I shouldn’t buy them, but, ever the optimist and bibliophile, I probably will anyway. They are too good to pass up. Does this ever happen to you? Do you buy the books or practice self-discipline?

If you’re reading this and you’re not a bibliophile, then you are probably shaking your head with dismay. The following poem, Incurable, illustrates my position perfectly.

Found in The Bookworm: An Illustrated Treasury of Old-Time Literature (circa 1890s)


The times are bad?
It’s very sad!
I do not wear a shiny hat,
Or flower in coat, or sharp cravat,
And swells will my acquaintance drop?
I shall not cry!
A bookworm need not be a fop,
And books I’ll buy!

They know not why
These books I buy!
When after dark I homeward go,
With long-sought, new-found folio,
The curl of lips and scorn of eyes,
It’s very sad!
Are all that greet the cherished prize
When times are bad.

A silly fad?
I must be mad?
I tell you “books are cheap to-day”
For him who knows and cash will pay!
My wine I’ll sell but books I’ll buy
When trade is dull,
And you will bless me by and by
For I’m no gull!

The times are bad:
How very sad!
But that is why
These books I buy!


See you in the stacks!

Tomorrow: The Leap of Faith


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3 responses to “Chapter 191 Poetic Interlude

  1. Good poem and good advice. I’m reminded of Black Monday (October 19, 1987) when the stock market dropped dramatically. One man I know (who had cash on hand) bought stocks just before the squiggly line hit bottom.

    He made money off the deal.

    When times are slow sellers may be willing to drop the price of whatever goods they are selling and of course that is the time to buy. – depending on your level of optimism of course…

    Good luck

  2. How ironic. LOL
    Reading this poem just minutes after getting home from the local public library from where I purchased two books.
    I always go through the library sales tables. I have picked up a number of excelltn books. At such cheap prices too.

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