Chapter 188 Eureka! Gold Rush Book Fair Book Finds

Here are a few of the books I bought at the Gold Rush Book Fair.

Some, like the two that follow below, I bought because I like the title and the binding:

Others, I bought because of the intriguing subject matter, such as the book below. In this author’s opinion, women were in charge in the U.S. Army, even though they were usually wives of soldiers and not themselves enlisted. According to one bibliography (Graff, 1646), “In Greene’s opinion, the Army was the haunt of alcoholics and morons at the mercy of scheming women [wives].” I thought it an unusual addition to the books by or about pioneer women that I already have.

Other books also fit the pioneer woman theme, and had cute dustjackets to boot:

I just like the cover of the book below, and I figure that this is an area in which I could improve. Right now, the empty boxes from the book fair (11 of them) stacked up in my living room are making my home anything but beautiful.

The letter below is not a book; it is a three-page letter dated 1852 and sent from a miner in Stockton, CA back home to his wife in Farmingham, New York. I love one of a kind items like personal letters. This one is interesting from a gold rush perspective, but also because the miner asks his wife how she plans to vote in the Presidential election of Franklin Pierce vs. Winfield Scott. Women were nowhere near having the vote in 1852, so I am looking forward to discovering why the miner asked his wife that question and whether she cast a vote in his absence. I note that the Seneca Falls, NY convention for women’s rights was held in 1848 in the state where the wife lived. Perhaps she was a suffragette? Are any of you dear readers experts on 19th century voting rights in America? Could a woman cast a vote for her husband in his absence? This one is going to be great fun to research!

Even though I didn’t sell as many books as I hoped at the fair, I am immensely cheered when I look at what I bought at there. Books are so fun!

I haven’t finished researching, cataloguing, and pricing these books, but if you’re interested in receiving a quote for any of them when I do finish, drop me an email: chris @

See you in the stacks!

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One response to “Chapter 188 Eureka! Gold Rush Book Fair Book Finds

  1. Wonderful reporting. I like the way you broke it up too. Instead of one long report these three shorter ones are easier to digest. Especially for those of us with shorter attention spans.

    Glad all went well and that your network of bookselling friends is growing. Looks to me like you’re accepted into a circle of wonderful people. Congrats! – Keep up the good work. –

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