Chapter 185 A Short Book Fair Report — I’m Back and I Need to Unpack

I’ve returned from the Gold Rush Book Fair (and a couple of added days of relaxation with Thoughtful Husband) and, as usual, I have a lot to report.

Also as usual, I have a lot to unpack and it’s already 8 p.m. Monday. I also have to get my kids to bed. I promise a very thorough report tomorrow. For now, here’s the short report:

1) The weather was extremely hot. The exhibit hall was air conditioned (thankfully).
2) The fair had less traffic than normal (according to a couple of dealers who’ve done this fair for several years in a row) — perhaps due to the extreme heat and the high price of gasoline?
3) I sold books, but not the ones I expected to sell.
4) I had a few great finds.
5) I met a few booksellers I hadn’t met before and visited with three of the faculty members from the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar.
6) I met someone who wants to become a bookseller and who asked all the right questions about how to go about doing so.
7) I had a great time sharing a booth again with Jeanne Jarzombek of The Book Prowler.
8 I was reminded again that book fairs, busy or not, are an important part of every antiquarian bookseller’s repertoire.

I’ll fill in the details tomorrow. Meanwhile, do you suppose Tom and Huck were off reading quietly in a corner while I was away, trying to stay out of the extreme heat?


They were up to their usual hijinks.

Like holding pythons:

And feeding lizards:

And watching a Giants game:

And commandeering small watercraft:

And, of course, skateboarding:

Sigh. They definitely weren’t sitting at home wishing they could have gone to the book fair with mom and dad. 😉

See you in the stacks!

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One response to “Chapter 185 A Short Book Fair Report — I’m Back and I Need to Unpack

  1. Forget the book fair. I want to visit Grandmother and grandfather.

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