Chapter 184 Here I Go Again, Or, Off to the Book Fair!

Here I go again, off to exhibit and sell books at my third book fair, the Gold Rush Book Fair. I thought that by now I would be confident and organized and know exactly what to expect with regard to book fairs.

Instead, I had a new experience as a bookseller today, an experience for which I was totally unprepared: I packed for a book fair and loaded up the Bookmobile in 100+ degree heat! It was so hot, I didn’t even take the usual pre-book fair photos. It took too much energy to lift the camera. 🙂

This was not really the kind of new experience I wanted to add to my very short list of bookseller accomplishments. Tomorrow, after I drive three or so hours to get to the book fair in Grass Valley, I will have another new bookselling experience: I will get to unload my 8 bookcases and 11 boxes of books in 100+ degree heat!

Lucky for me, I’ve remembered to pack the requisite gourmet bookseller chocolate as a reward for shlepping all those books:

(Thanks to my friend Shelly for the chocolate!)

Also lucky for me is the fact that, for the first time, Thoughtful Husband is going to the book fair with me and is going to help me load and unload the Bookmobile. Poor man!

Did I also mention that he is doing this for me on the weekend of our wedding anniversary?

Let’s see: A non-bookish husband who unloads heavy shelves and boxes of books in extremely hot weather and then hangs out with his book-obsessed wife and all the other bibliophiles whose manias he doesn’t understand. On. His. Wedding. Anniversary.

That’s true love. No further anniversary gift necessary.

You rule, T.H.! Happy Anniversary! I love you and I owe you a future anniversary spent connecting wires at a show for computer and tech geeks!

We’re going to spend an extra couple of days away to celebrate while Tom and Huck spend some time with their grandparents, so I’ll be back Tuesday with a full report on the fair!

See you at the fair!


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2 responses to “Chapter 184 Here I Go Again, Or, Off to the Book Fair!

  1. Happy Anniversary, Good luck at the fair and I hope you sell 10 boxes of books. Oh and have lots of fun too. Next stop after the fair will be North Dakota for the summer vacation.

  2. Is it Tuesday yet?

    Hope all went well and that no one got heatstroke.

    Waiting expectantly for your report.

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