Chapter 183 My Ace in the Hole

I received a comment from BiblioHistoria after yesterday’s post about my family’s demands on my time and the time I spend on my book business:

What months are the summer months vacation in USA? Is that usually June and July, with school starting up again in August?

Here in Canada summer covers July and August and school starts again in September. I’m just curious.

Because unless you have paid for camps for your boys, you won’t get much book work done during the summer.

Remember your blog started last year in September AFTER the summer vacation ended and the boys were back in school.

Tom and Huck have summer vacation from early June until mid-August. Both boys participate on a swim team during the summer (far less demanding than our school-year sports schedule) and both will take a couple of fun classes, such as “Making Movies Using iMovie” for Tom. These classes run for a week or so for an hour or two per meeting. Mostly, Tom and Huck are home with me. I want to relax our schedules during the summer, because this is the one time of year I can spend time with them without always rushing to be somewhere. We have time to read a book, go to the zoo, visit a museum, or just play.

I am lucky — we have lots of neighbors on our street, and there are plenty of kids with whom Tom and Huck can play. All of the parents take turns letting the kids play at each other’s houses. This is wonderful (except on the days when there are 10 kids playing in my house). đŸ˜‰

Still, I do hear refrains of “Mom, I’m bored. What should I do?” during the long days of summer. I like the kids try to come up with their own games, build their own forts out of old sheets, create obstacle courses on the lawn, etc. This type of play is, after all, a form of learning. In order to help me combat the “Mom, I’m bored” crowd, I found this at last weekend’s library sale:

It’s my ace in the hole and has excellent ideas for all kinds of contraptions kids can make themselves — spool tanks, small parachutes, whittling, slingshots, etc. Not every kid likes these kind of projects, but mine do, especially if their friends are working on it with them.

I don’t know for sure exactly how many hours of book work will be done during the summer. I can say that without sports practice and without daily homework, I will be considerably freed up. My current plan is to work before the boys wake up — from 6 until 8 a.m. each day. I should be able to fit in another hour or two during the day when they are playing. I can’t promise that this is exactly how I’ll do it, because this is my first year working on this business. I do know for sure, that I will (and already do) consistently spend time on my business, even if it’s only a little time each day.

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